Blockchain smart door Based on everiToken

Last Updated: 2019-02-22 16:34:05 (GMT)

Real demand for blockchain smart-door

  1. Change in consumption concept As incomes increase, residents are increasingly focusing on personal property and personal safety.

  2. Social security issues management issues on urban floating population and social security. New security requirements for housing and community.

  3. Traditional security loopholes The traditional mechanical lock has lower safety performance, with nature of mainly passive protection.

  4. High security cost Blockchain+ can reduce security costs and improve efficiency.

Background of Dingding Life

The Gujia Tech company cuts into the community grassroots data and information service field with the intelligent entrance guard business of Hangzhou rental room, integrates the needs of the government, public security and industry committees for community security and comprehensive management, and builds a demonstration site for the safety management of rental houses in Hangzhou.

Gujia has an Dingding smart door application that will access the everiToken authentication protocol everiPass. At present, the application was downloaded more than 311,010 times, and the daily activity reaches as high as 176,611 with more 36,381 rental information.

The advantage of everiToken: everiPass


A distributed equity authentication standard that supports QR code functions and rights management mechanisms over time everiToken.

Users can open the door lock by generating a QR code to ensure the security of their data and the security of the entire living environment, and users do not need to pay a fee when using the product.At the same time, the useful rights function of everiPass can positively promote the ecological construction of the community.


Built-in program:the program needs to read blockchain data online to verify the permissions of the key, thereby determining whether to unlock;

everiToken has a software solution that is compatible with any scanning device and can be seamlessly embedded into hardware devices.

Smart Door based on everiPass:Dingding Smart Door

1. Fast Authentication

By accessing the everiPass protocol in the APP, the Token-related business can be quickly realized. Based on other blockchain platforms, it is almost impossible to achieve fast verification, and the high verification fee obstructs user from using it, which is very cumbersome for users. everiPass also has a permission verification function to achieve fast authentication of identity.

everiToken-based applications can quickly produce keys and support business operations such as creation, storage, use, and transfer. Users just need to open the phone and fill in the relevant information to have the key, achieving the match of personal identity with the key. Users can open the door by scanning code and NFC, which greatly improves security.

2. Data security

The traditional data is stored in a centralized server, facing the risk of being hacked. If the data is stolen, all the door locks will be opened, and the everiToken solution can solve the user data security problem.

The data is stored on the everiToken, which is almost free of stealing. With the associated hardware facilities, security can be greatly improved. If there is a suspect, it will be locked soon.


3. Shaping Better Community

Based on the everiToken solution, a civilized and secure community can be created through token incentives. If the user finds that the community has uncivilized phenomena, suspects, and so on, it can be reported directly through the application. If the situation is true, the user behavior will be rewarded.

This application actively promotes community security development through Token's rights and behavioral incentives, enabling all parties to achieve rapid governance.