Largest Voluntary Platform Based on everiToken

Last Updated: 2019-02-22 16:27:41 (GMT)

In China and even the world,it is a social necessity to construct credit information systems for youth volunteers and inspire more youths to be volunteers for the better good of the community. As a core component of the credit information system of youth volunteers, the information system of“Volunteer China”plays an important role.

Background of Zhiyuan Hui

Zhiyuan Hui currently serves as the largest Internet public welfare platform across the world. As of December 2018, the number of volunteers registered on the platform reached more than 71 million, and more than 430,000 non-profit organizations have been partners. In just the past three years, nearly 200,000 people have signed up on the platform, and more than 100 million service hours have been accumulated by those volunteers.

According to the "China Volunteer Service Economic Value Measurement Report" issued by the United Nations and the relevant industry associations of China, the value of these volunteer services is worth 3.4 billion yuan.

Why does this platform need blockchain?

One of the biggest challenges of operating such a large platform is verifying the authenticity of volunteer hours and service. The new open public welfare ledger transparently records volunteer activity and service duration, issuing points called Yi Coin to nearly one million volunteers per day and guaranteeing authenticity through a decentralized blockchain ledger. All volunteer data is stored on-chain, which prevents tampering, and can be instantly verified through evtscan, ensuring transparency, reliability, and security.

Zhiyuan Hui’s new platform will be among the first to realize Edgar Cahn’s “time bank” concept, enabling volunteers to accurately record their hours and receive a Yi Coin reward for their volunteering contributions when they most need it.

Governments, enterprises, non-profit organizations, and other foundations can distribute Yi Coins to volunteers in return for their contributions, while volunteers can use Yi Coin to buy goods from select vending machines and convenience stores.

Why does Zhiyuan hui choose everiToken?

However, Zhiyuan hui has more than 71 million users, which exceeds the total number of users in the blockchain space; and in terms of offline payment, the traditional public chain with slow transaction confirmation time can't meet real needs. After comparing some public chain solutions, Zhiyuan hui found that everiToken is the only public chain in the world that can bear such a large-scale application.

Firstly, the everiToken’s transaction speed (TPS) reaches 10,000+, which is enough to cope with the billion-level transactions in real-time across the world.

Secondly, world's first decentralized point payment protocol everiPay can achieve the second-level payment with bank-level security on chain. Therefore, the adoption of eevriToken by Zhiyuan hui will greatly enhance its security and liquidity, making it truly a widespread point that can be consumed. And with records on the everiToken, how a person gets Yi coin and how to use it cannot be forged or falsified.

Thirdly, everiToken's original everiPass technology is deeply integrated with the Internet of Things. volunteers can quickly and securely use the mobile phone's dynamic QR code to prove their volunteer identity. On this way, user can also freely take the subway, enter the airport VIP room and so on.

Fourthly, everiToken's original safe contract. Volunteer related data can be directly queried on the blockchain browser There is no need to understand and learn smart contracts and development techniques, and everyone can be the supervisor and get benefit from volunteer service. In the future, Yi coins will be widely used in various offline scenes. Imagine that one day, the whole society will be pride of owning Yi coin. And when volunteers use their own Yi coins coin their daily life, perhaps the whole society has become more civilization. We look forward to the coming of this day.