Where to start

This technical guide is suitable for the following people to read:

  1. Companies or developers who want to develop applications or issue tokens based on everiToken public chain.
  2. Fans of everiToken who want to learn the inner workings.
  3. Community members and collaborators for security testing and code auditing for everiToken.
  4. A community member who is willing to contribute code (testing and development) or document to everiToken ecosystem.

This guide will be constantly updated.

For those people who wants to use evtc (command line tool of everiToken) or to run everiToken on their machine, please refer to Building everiToken or Run A Node Using Docker.

For them who wants to use our JavaScript SDK to build products, please click here for the detail.

For those people who wants to use everiPay or everiPass, please click here for the detail.

For those who would like to view the technical breakdown in its entirety, please read sequentially.

About everiToken

everiToken is world's first token-based public chain. We aim to revolutionize the way anything of value is managed and transferred by adapting our concept to benefit all people of the world. everiToken is secure, lightning fast, and standardized, providing the most effective platform on the planet for businesses, developers, and end-users.

Safe Contract

everiToken introduces the novel idea of safe contracts via our API layer. Rather than code directly, users rely on safe contracts to facilitate processes such as the issuance and transfer of tokens. By simplifying functions to the core requirements, safe contracts ensure that all chain transactions are secure and without loopholes, as the available API functions are fully reviewed and verified. Even though safe contracts are not Turing complete, they can still achieve the majority of necessary functions via APIs, and provide flexibility to token-issuers for the completion of off-chain services.

Furthermore, safe contracts have the added benefits of increasing accessibility and TPS. Regarding the former, the inclusion of APIs makes it simple for easy integration into existing workflows without having to write chain-integration code from scratch. In regards to the latter, the usage of APIs allows for various translations types to be distinguished easily, and independent token transactions can be processed in parallel at faster speeds (10,000 TPS achieved on mainnet: December 2018).

Token-based Transaction Model

everiToken uses the token-based transaction model for non-fungible tokens. This is a brand-new model aimed to increase efficiency for value transactions. In short, for a token-based ledger, our system creates a record of token IDs and ownership status (all original and future owners).

Please click here for the detail.

EvtLink is the world's first protocol for face-to-face micropayments on-chain. Based on this technology, everiPay and everiPass have become the world's only commercial solution for fast face-to-face micropayments on-chain.

Please click here for the detail.