everiToken launched MainNet on 31th July 2018. Here lists the nodes. View blocks and transactions on EvtScan.

Endpoint Location & Extra Feature Latest Synchronized Block & Latency HONG KONG (with history plugin) SILICONVALLEY TOKYO FRANKFURT SEOUL DUBAI SINGAPORE (with history plugin) FRANKFURT KUALA LUMPUR (with history plugin) TOKYO SILICONVALLEY HONG KONG VIRGINIA SHANGHAI (with history plugin) SINGAPORE (with history plugin)


everiToken launched TestNet on 31th, May 2018.

The endpoint of latest version of TestNet is Please do not use browser to visit it because we had enabled force SSL for browsers. The version of TestNet Node will always be the same as the MainNet to keep good stability and compatibility.

For testers and developers, please click here to get virtual EVTs via TestNet Faucet.